AI Software Engineer

Position: AI Software Engineer (multiple openings)

Job Location: Exafort, Inc. at 1159 Sonora Ct., Ste. 111, Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (position allows for telecommuting)

The AI Software Engineer will be responsible for the following job duties:

  • Evaluate AI Models: design, develop, train, and test models to ensure functionality, performance,
    and scalability.
  • Use Python, JavaScript, and/or C++ to create faster, more capable AI software.
  • Analyze statistics, data, and algorithms.
  • Work with team members of machine-learning and data engineers to ensure seamless AI development.
  • Integration with 3rd party systems such as NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM.
  • Stay current on AI knowledge, trends, and regulations.
  • Collect, organize, and present progress with team leadership and stakeholders.

This position allows for telecommuting.

This position requires a U.S. Master’s degree or foreign equivalent in CS, CE, IT, or closely related.

Must have experience with:

  1. Artificial Intelligence libraries: TensorFlow & Pytorch;
  2. Machine learning libraries: Scikit-learn, pandas, JavaScript, and UI/UX;
  3. Neural Networks: Convolutional, recurrent, and recursive networks;
  4. Building and working with predictive models;
  5. Deep understanding of linear algebra, algorithms, and statistics; and
  6. In-depth knowledge of computer programming languages: Java and C++.

Employer will accept internship, professional, and academic experience. Pre or post-graduate
experience accepted.

Salary: $234,062-$239,000 per year.
Contact: jobs@exafort.com