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For over a decade, Exafort has provided technical and strategic guidance in ERP and CRM technologies
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AI to unlock growth, efficiency, and customer experience.
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We deliver a phased path for our customers to succeed fast and scale smoothly.
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Expertise in advanced technologies

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is the preferred comprehensive business management software for customers worldwide. It integrates ERP/financials and ecommerce, empowering businesses to manage operations, customer relationships, and increase online sales. The ERP/financials feature drives data-driven decisions, cost reduction, planning, and process automation. The ecommerce feature improves customer-driven sales with personalized experiences and holistic approaches.
Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is a contemporary financial management platform that has been specifically crafted to assist growing businesses in achieving success. Its powerful features such as robust reporting, insightful dashboards, and seamless integration with other tools simplify financial processes, which allow you to save considerable time and concentrate on growing your enterprise. Rest assured, this platform delivers exceptional performance, remarkable scalability, and unwavering reliability that you can depend on.
Salesforce CRM


Salesforce is a cloud-based software that helps businesses connect with their clients. It enhances engagement, increases opportunities, and improves customer service. With Salesforce, companies can easily solve complex problems and unlock the full potential of customer relationships, driving revenue growth. Get on board now and enjoy the benefits of Salesforce!


Tableau is a highly effective analytics platform that industry leaders prefer due to its diverse capabilities and user-friendly interface. It analyzes data swiftly and uncovers valuable insights that can be shared across a team of varying skill levels. For business intelligence teams, Tableau is a productivity-booster.

About Us

Exafort is a leading technology solutions provider, established in the year 2009. We specialize in offering innovative solutions empowered by advanced Cloud, Mobile, and AI technologies, allowing institutions to leverage their potential to the fullest. Our customized solutions cater to a diverse range of clients, from privately held mid-market companies to large-scale Fortune 500 firms. With Exafort, clients can achieve operational effectiveness, optimize efficiency, and attain end-to-end visibility. Our cutting-edge solutions enable businesses to accelerate innovation and rapidly adapt to unprecedented organizational challenges in an ever-changing business environment.

At Exafort, we remain committed to delivering the highest standards of excellence through our innovative solutions and unwavering customer support.

Our headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California, and we take pride in serving our global clients through our development and delivery centers in India, EMEA, and North and South America.

Innovation-led Services

Quick and efficient solutions to diverse problems

Application Services

Oracle NetSuite ERP, Salesforce CRM, and Sage Intacct

Artificial Intelligence

From Vision to Reality: AI Transformation Made Simple


Unleashing the Power of Automation for Your Success

Data Analytics

Driving Success through Data Analytics: Your Competitive Edge

Low/Zero Code Development

A fully-functioning application in a matter of weeks.

Technology Innovation

Fueling the Future: Ignite Innovation with Technology

Unlocking Success through Specialized Industry Knowledge

Subscriptions and SaaS
Exafort helps software and platform industry leaders manage operations, processes, and intelligence on an enterprise-wide scale. We leverage digital, analytics, and AI to enable clients to achieve greater business agility through as-a-service transformation. Our goal is to provide clients with optimal solutions to pressing challenges and help achieve sustainable growth in a rapidly-evolving business landscape.
Exafort's provides customer centric service models for multi-property hotels, resorts, restaurants, entertainment venues, clubs, and all other hospitality industry businesses. Accounting software designed to let you focus on delivering customer satisfaction, driving revenue, and reducing operational costs. Let's make it happen!
Retail and Wholesale
Retailers and wholesalers can drive growth by embracing change and modern technology like the cloud. Prioritizing growth imperatives and data-driven decision-making is essential. A responsible reset can achieve profitable growth and 'build back better'. Retail's moment of truth is an opportunity to lead with confidence.
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Maritime Professional Services
We provide efficient solutions for the Maritime Professional Services industry, facilitating vessel management, crew scheduling, maintenance planning, and supply chain logistics. Our solutions also improve customer satisfaction, sales processes and relationships with data-driven insights. Integrating our solutions into existing ERP and CRM systems enable precision and agility in navigating industry complexities, which guarantees growth and success.
Our ERP and CRM services help telecom companies manage resources, optimize network infrastructure, and improve customer experiences. With comprehensive tools like resource allocation, inventory management, and real-time analytics, we enable cost-efficiency and operational excellence. We help our clients centralize their customer data, automate interactions, and provide personalized service recommendations, fostering customer loyalty and growth. Integrated together, our solutions help telecom companies stay ahead in a dynamic industry.
The manufacturing industry is transforming with technology and shifts in customer behavior. Despite challenges, many opportunities exist for post-pandemic recovery. Unique approaches are needed, and businesses that adapt will succeed. Manufacturers should explore new technologies, refine business models, and accommodate clients' needs. Pursue growth and become a leader by taking advantage of potential opportunities. The future is now!
Ag and Food Sector
Exafort partnered with AgBiome to improve its digital infrastructure and support its growth and operational efficiency. AgBiome's Chief Information Technology Officer stressed the significance of working with a reliable partner like Exafort to establish a data-driven and fully automated business structure. Exafort's expert consultants worked tirelessly to help AgBiome achieve its objectives, that yielded remarkable results, and positioned AgBiome as a formidable player in the industry.
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Financial Services

Financial Services must innovate or lose out to challengers and bigtechs. To stay relevant, they need to challenge traditional beliefs and models, partner unconventionally, and commit to constant innovation. Exafort is here to help as a strategic partner, with expertise, global perspective, and market-leading solutions to enable flexible architecture in the cloud. We find value in your data to create amazing customer experiences and put our reputation on the line to deliver on our promise of technology and human ingenuity.

Exafort Blog

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​Our Commitment

We are committed to providing solutions that are appropriate for success. Exafort is aligned with industry-leading technology and service providers to make this happen. We continue to monitor the transformation of IT and the Computing paradigm shift and develop strategic partnerships with companies with complementing capabilities.

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