Low/Zero Code Development

Our low/zero code Development-as-a-Service takes you from ideation to launching a fully functional app in weeks.

Rapid Application Development

UI Path Business Automation Platform

AI-powered Automation

UI Path Business Automation Platform

When the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform is everywhere in your business, it can be used by everyone. For everything. To benefit every business.
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Azure Logic Apps

Rapidly build integration solutions

We develop and deploy Azure Logic apps:

Logic applications in Azure, any container, and on-premises. Enable private endpoints, simplified virtual network access, and deployment slots. Multiple workflows to a single logic app and simplifying automated deployments.
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Workato Recipes

Automate & Integrate

We rapidly automate complex workflows with simple recipes:

Enabled as REST endpoints called from any app Point to point or hub and spoke data flows Maximum power, simplicity, and connectivity
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Vizru Zero Code

Zero Code Development Platform

​Using Vizru's zero-code application development studio, and Zero-code OS:

We build full-stack, hyper-scalable AI applications Deploy & manage across multi-cloud environments Move apps between clouds effortlessly through Vizru Guardrail
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