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What is NetSuite Analytics and Reporting?

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics analytics and reporting capabilities provide real-time visibility into company operational and financial performance across all business functions. Prebuilt and easily customizable, these reports and analyses make it easy to get the data you need, while role-based dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) help you keep an eye on business performance.

Embedded Analytics

SuiteAnalytics is built into NetSuite for faster access to the data necessary to gain meaningful insight into financial and operational performance across multiple subsidiaries, departments and teams.

Streamline reporting

Streamline reporting processes and improve communications with a library of customizable reports built on a single source of financial and operational information.

NetSuite Analytics and Reporting Benefits

Insights to improve decision-making

Get Up and Running Faster

Prebuilt reports, role-based dashboards and KPIs are based on industry-leading practices.

Make Better Decisions

Secure, self-service capabilities deliver information to analysts and decision-makers without relying on IT.

More Efficient Reporting

A central database reduces the time needed to consolidate and reconcile information.

Challenges NetSuite Analytics and Reporting Solves

Multiple Spreadsheets and Data Silos

With all financial and operational data centralized, time needed to consolidate and reconcile information is eliminated.

Inefficient Manual Reporting

Prebuilt, industry-standard reports plus no-code customization capabilities get business users the information they need quickly.

Hard-to-Track Business Performance

Incorporate business performance metrics into your dashboards and KPIs.


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