Pump-up your sales by getting high-quality leads

  • Kick your sales into a higher gear
  • Increase productivity
  • Polish your leads
  • Focus on quality opportunities
  • Close deals faster

Kick your sales into higher gear, increase the productivity of your sales team, polish your leads, land on high-quality opportunities, and close deals faster. Fine-tune your CRM and accelerate your sales process.

In this highly competitive marketplace, it’s vital to keep your sales productivity ahead of the competition. It is very important to have fast and easy access to better sales force automation tools, streamlined sales processes, visibility to critical data from back-end systems, and a well-trained sales team.

Here are 5 things you can do to increase your sales activities and grow your customer base and revenues:


1. Revamp your customer portal

Understanding your customer’s needs, after you have identified who your target customers are, and finding out what they have and what they want to buy are the first steps to a successful sale of your products and services.
Double your effort on enhancing your customer portal, website, community forums, and blog sites. Look at ways to seek customers’ feedback, and provide them with fresh information in the form of white papers and articles.

2. Rank and score your Leads & Opportunity

With limited resources, it is impossible to go after every lead you get. Identifying whom to go after is very vital. Look at all the customer parameters and the data you have collected through your portal and front line. Overlay external data available and then rank and stack your leads. There are algorithms we can implement in your CRM to help with your lead ranking.

3. Increase targeted campaigns

Once you have identified the Who, the What, and the Why of your customers, it’s time to launch targeted campaigns. It is impossible to manually track and measure your campaigns and you are losing time with traditional methods. Modern CRM products provide many efficient ways to run your campaigns. Leveraging your CRM’s functionality to do this is the key to automating the tracking and measurement of your campaigns.

4. Get your back-end team involved

During the active period of your sales cycle, provide customers with demos and product evaluation opportunities. In this world of try-and-buy, during the trial period, it is very important to support your potential customers like your current customers. The support experience they get during the trial period will have a significant influence on your customer’s buying decisions. Show them how you care and even involve your back-end team and engineers to address their concerns. Look at Salesforce CRM Customer 360 to engage your back-end team efficiently and effectively.

5. Fine-tune and renew your messages

Last, but not least, fine-tune your messages. Through automated tracking and measurement of your campaigns, you will soon discover which incentives and messages are working for you. Discard the poor-performing methods and increase your focus and effort on the better-performing messages.