Why Cloud storage combined with local store makes sense

One of the biggest challenges for CIO is deciding which storage solution is best for them. While a majority of the data can be now safely stored on the Cloud, there are some data that are better if stored locally or close to the user.

CIOs are looking for features that allow them to define policies to store the files in the right place based on file size, security, and compliance needs - that can be cloud only, on-prem only or synchronized between cloud and on-prem storage.

Let's take a closer look at one such product from Egnyte. Egnyte solves all use cases that CIOs need today:

Egnyte File Enterprise Sharing

Cloud File Sharing

Instantly share files and folders across multiple teams or with clients and partners. Easy mobile access and collaboration from anywhere with files stored in the cloud.

Private File Sharing

The Egnyte mobile app enables you to access your shared company files, not just the ones on your personal computer. Even connect directly with local storage to access files too sensitive for the cloud. Securely access, share, upload and manage files from iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices. Your online files can even be downloaded and saved for offline access.

Local Storage Access

With Egnyte Storage Sync, IT can transform any existing storage or server into a central access point. Employees in the office can access and collaborate at incredible LAN speeds while remote employees can remain productive with the same set of files using online file sharing.

Cross-office Collaboration

Sync heterogeneous storage devices across distributed offices, enabling remote teams to collaborate as if they're in the same room.


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