Secure Salesforce CRM

Companies world-wide trust their data on Salesforce CRM. But as with most cloud services the security, privacy and compliance are big concerns for existing clients as well as new clients planning to adopt Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM is built with security as the foundation of the service which provides protection for the platform. But protecting your data is your responsibility!

Information Risk Management Services for Salesforce

Exafort offer a comprehensive set of services to address your security concerns, compliance and privacy of your data on Salesforce CRM. Our services include:

Compliance & Risk Management: Manage compliance and risk posture.

  • Managed compliance services and risk dashboard
  • Salesforce implementation control framework
  • Incident response, including SF interface

Data Protection: Protect your data and comply to regulatory guidelines.

  • Data classification and data flow analysis
  • Data masking solutions

Identity Management Solution: Leverage existing investments in LDAP.

  • LDAP integration, Federated Identity Management
  • Single Sign On, 2 factor authentication
  • Role based access control, permission management

Network-Based Security: Restrict the origin of user logins.

  • IP range restrictions
  • Hours of operations restrictions

User Education: Train your end-users.

  • End-user best practices for Salesforce CRM
  • Phishing Awareness and Training

Information risk management of your Salesforce CRM data has gone from being a back-burner activity to one of critical importance to organisations seeking to enhance their operational effectiveness. The key benefits include:

  • Compliance to regulatory guidelines
  • End-user best practices & awareness
  • Increase Salesforce CRM user adoption
  • Reduce the phishing and hacking risks
  • Reduce administrative cost

Secure your data on Salesforce CRM

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have helped secure the world’s largest cloud deployments.

Our focus is to help you mitigate risk and address your concerns of security, privacy and compliance of your data on the cloud.

Contact us to schedule a quick Security and Compliance Assessment of your data on Salesforce CRM!