Customer Portal

Customer portals are a great tool to increase your customers’ satisfaction levels, grow your business, and increase profits. Sounds too good to be true…?

Well, it’s not! With today’s user friendly Web-based technology, creating Customer portals has almost become a necessity for businesses big and small.

Why Customer Portal?

Customer-centricity is critical to achieving high performance for today's companies. Organizations now must compete more than ever before on how well they understand their customers, how they enable customers to interact in a Web 2.0 world, and how they harness the information and data about those customers across multiple touch-points.

A key aspect of a customer-centric strategy is the customer portal. These multi-channel applications enable the creation, sharing and distribution of personalized content, as well as access to social networking and self-service capabilities. From an enterprise’s perspective, portals enable the segmentation, aggregation and delivery of rich media, communications and service experiences while driving customer service costs down.

Portals are a means of supporting growth through increased usage of data and services, targeted to a consumer's needs, interests and issues.

How your customers can use the customer portal?

Below are some example of information that customers can typically get via customer portal on a self-service basis any time of the day.

Support Cases: Customers can look at the status of their support cases. They can add any case updates and comments or upload files relevant to the cases.

Products: Look up the various assets (products), serial numbers, and support coverage of the installed base.

Support Contracts: Lookup contract details and service entitlements including support contract coverage timeframe

Related documentation: Product manuals, updates, support bulletins etc. that would provide relevant and timely information

How you can benefit from customer portal

  • Enhanced Communication
  • Capture Valuable Information
  • Faster Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Repeat and renewal business
  • Customer retention and conversion
  • Match your corporate identity
  • Connect to wider audience
  • Reduce service cost

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