Get more from Our goal is to get you "Clean" data, super efficient workflows and a well integrated with your other applications.

Implementation: A successful implementation requires precise business alignment and must be done the right way from the start.

Our business analysts and techno-functional experts follow our time proven methodology and takes one through a step-by-step process leading to a successful implementation.

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Methodology & Tools

  • Best practices based blueprints, templates and reports
  • Repository of accelerators & custom components
  • Data migration maps & scripts

Is Salesforce CRM right for you?

Advanced Customization: Accelerate your sales and deepen your marketing by leveraging advance capabilities of and

Implement and take advantage of key workflow rules to enable your company to operate more effectively through standardized internal procedures and automated business processes. Push critical information to users, and take advantage of quick business decision making. Add customized formula fields and validation rules. Snap-on custom applications, tools, calculators, proposal generators etc specific to your business.

Benefits of Advanced Customization

  • Channel critical information flow to all users and clients
  • Increase adoption rate and stickiness by making end-user and clients more productive
  • Maintain data integrity by implementing correct data validation rules and formulas
  • Provide tailored productivity tools to users
  • Increase team collaboration
  • Shorten business cycles and realize quicker returns

Integration: Nowadays, enterprise application integration is not just helpful and convenient. It’s become a necessity and business requirement.

The various components of your IT infrastructure need to fit together tightly allowing applications to freely share information without interruption to day-to-day workflow process.

CRM integration is especially critical! Successful and on target sales requires seamless data exchange between corporate databases, ERP systems, and other critical sources of customer information.

Exafort can help integrate with a myriad of on-premises applications including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and third-party solutions. Moreover, Exafort has developed a core competency in expanding on-prem’ systems to utilize external cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Google AppEngine and Twitter.

Integration options

  • Pre-built Exafort components
  • Any major integration middleware solution
  • Custom built integration solution on


Administration: Is your sales team  spending too much time updating Salesforce instead of spending valuable time with customers?

Are your reports incomplete with too many blank fields?

Are your users constantly complaining about “holes” in Salesforce? These are signs that your setup is not properly aligned to take advantage of out of the box features which ensure data quality and user team productivity. Exafort’s administrators are experienced to address these issues and provide continuous administrative support so that your Sales Team are not wasting valuable time.

Benefits of Timely Administration

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction through timely response
  • Speed-up data entry and field edits
  • Boost adoption by making your end-user more productivity
  • Maintain data quality and integrity by setting up correct data validation rules and formulas
  • Fine-tune reports and dashboards with changing business needs
  • Increase team collaboration by setting up appropriate roles, sharing and security configurations


Tuneup: Is your configuration and setup no longer synchronized with your current business process and strategic goals?

Not seeing the value and efficiency you expected from It’s time for a Tune-up!

In just a few days a tune-up can help achieve and will regain the value from the original outlay of time and capital investment.

Tune-up Process

  • Realign to new or modified strategic business objectives
  • Review data records, de-duplicate and build work-flows process to enhance clean data capture
  • Review and fix users, roles and security settings
  • Review and fix reports and dashboards
  • Train end users and instill good habits to maintain data integrity


BI & Analytics: Add Business Intelligence to your and empower your sales Team, management, and operation with actionable information and analytics.

Provide the required tools to create and customize reports on the fly. Every business is unique and so are the BI solutions needed, Exafort has the right blend of business and technology expertise to build the right BI solution for your company. out-of-box BI Solutions

  • Create and customize reports on the fly and produce custom, highlighted charts
  • Add custom mathematical formulas to aggregate data and perform calculations on raw data
  • Highlight exceptions and out-of-range values to assist in quick identification of anomalies and identification of trends in large data sets
  • Use customized reports to provide instant access to real-time data and analysis tools, Perform win-loss analyses and stay ahead of internal business demand and competitive trends
  • Harness complete visibility across all channels using integrated planning and forecasting tools
  • Perform Win-Loss Analysis and gain probability insight by identifying key issues which affect current negotiations. Set triggers and monitor emerging competitive trends that can adversely impact opportunities

3rd party BI Solutions

When Out-of-box tools don’t give you the flexibility you need, consider a 3rd party cloud based business intelligence solutions that will allow one to choose metrics, KPIs and reporting dashboards.

  • GoodData
  • Indicee
  • Kognitio
  • Birst

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