Prepare for the shift

Given that the idea of immediately leveraging cloud based technology and business practices look inviting, solid preparation for this move is crucial.

Existing organizational roles will shift, business practices will change, and your customers as well as internal stakeholders could be impacted. Cloud adoption is a great opportunity, not only to change, but also to improve. We help your enterprise prepare for this shift.

Assess candidate processes

As an enterprise, you have a set of processes around delivering value to your customers. These include inquiry, order, sales, fulfillment, finance, post-sales support etc. Various stakeholders and cross-process interactions are involved in these processes. We assess these processes across various functions to determine which ones are good candidates to migrate to the cloud as part of cloud migration, or build-out on the cloud as part of cloud transformation. We take into account your end-to-end value stream, regulatory constraints, business specific competitive advantage etc. while assessing the suitability of the candidate processes for cloud.

Determine Roadmap

There are many delivery options available for enterprise to leverage the cloud technology – public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, community cloud etc. We help enterprises select the right model for the candidate processes identified. Given that there could be many process and technology components that change, we help prioritize these activities to maximize the benefit.

Execute project activities

Our team is made up of functional and technical experts and specialist with the experience and leadership needed to implement these cloud migration & cloud transformation projects for your organization. Our focus is timely execution of your cloud adoption roadmap to meet your business objectives. We make your business success, our top priority.

  • Contact us to schedule an Assessment of your current environment and business processes to identify what can be run on the cloud.
  • If you are already executing a cloud strategy then contact us to find out areas we can help you accelerate the execution.

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