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Why Cloud storage combined with local store makes sense

One of the biggest challenges for CIO is deciding which storage solution is best for them. While a majority of the data can be now safely stored on the Cloud, there are some data that are better if stored locally or close to the user.

CIOs are looking for features that allow them to define policies to store the files in the right place based on file size, security, and compliance needs - that can be cloud only, on-prem only or synchronized between cloud and on-prem storage.

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IT faces new challenges with increasing use of Cloud and Mobile services

More and more enterprises are fully adopting Cloud based services and enjoying its simplicity and the benefits of accessing it from anywhere at anytime. In a recent survey by eWeek, more than three-quarters of surveyed companies are already in the cloud or plan to invest in cloud services in 2013. Organizations of all kinds can easily implement a host of applications on the Cloud to heighten their productivity.

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Top 5 reasons why 2013 is the year of the Cloud

As we approach the half-way point of the year 2013, let's evaluate to see if 2013 is going to be the year of the Cloud as many predicted earlier. Here are top 5 reasons:

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Is semi-private cloud the answer for Life Sciences compute power needs?

Semi-private Cloud as the term implies is a shared Cloud service built for a smaller group of organization with similar needs for sw tools, performance, security, regulatory compliance etc.

Over the past 3 decades the compute power requirements for Life Sciences has gone up several 1000Xs and continues to go up. This growth is mostly fueled by decreasing costs and rapid technological innovation that have resulted in a tremendous increase in the volume and throughput of biological data being generated at large research institutes, individual labs and bio-pharm companies.

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