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Manage Authorized Contacts via NetSuite Account Center

In line with provisioning of Authorized Contacts, an account is entitled to have certain number of individuals that will serve as the authorized contacts for NetSuite Support.

Once you have identified who you would like to be your authorized contacts, follow the steps below to create the Authorized Contact records:

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Social Customer Service Metrics that really matter

There are many customer service metrics that look good on a dashboard but may not do or mean anything to your organization's management team. So what are the metrics that you should focus on and capture sufficient data in order to report on and impress your managment. 

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Multitenancy is a one-way road

With so many different Cloud services that claim increased benefits due to multitenancy and shared infrastructure, it is even more important to know and choose the best for your needs. And especially because you are going to be on it for a long time to come ones you choose and migrate to a platform. While data and transaction isolation are the primary criteria, even the ability to customize your UI that provide your organization the differential from the rest of the crowd is also key.

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Why Cloud storage combined with local store makes sense

One of the biggest challenges for CIO is deciding which storage solution is best for them. While a majority of the data can be now safely stored on the Cloud, there are some data that are better if stored locally or close to the user.

CIOs are looking for features that allow them to define policies to store the files in the right place based on file size, security, and compliance needs - that can be cloud only, on-prem only or synchronized between cloud and on-prem storage.

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