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Themes - then & now. Exafort at Cloud expo 2011

After attending the Cloud Expo 2011 ( in Santa Clara earlier this month, here are some takeaways and thoughts. Though it was on a much smaller scale than the mega events like Dreamforce, Openworld etc., it certainly brought many well-known as well as upcoming thought leaders and technology innovators together to evangelize cloud technologies and interact with the decision makers.

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CIOs rising up to become CEOs

With cloud adoption accelerating very rapidly, CIOs role in the organization is definitely changing and its changing for the better. Traditionally IT managers and CIO are viewed as technical enablers, but that view is shifting.

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Democratization of Information Technology

Before the cloud, only the largest firms could afford enterprise-class IT. Today, anyone can sign up for Amazon Web Services or or and get similar or better software and applications used by Cisco, Verizon, New York Life and Wells Fargo. Moreover, to get higher Service Levels you no longer have to buy multiple capital hardware and software licenses. This isn’t just great for the little guy; even larger companies can significantly lower their costs by eliminating or minimizing on-premise infrastructure.

Cloud computing has lowered costs of IT so dramatically, it's made huge success stories like Facebook possible. For companies like Facebook, without the Cloud the IT infrastructure costs wouldn't have worked. The huge bills from traditional SW and HW like Microsoft, Oracle, Sun, NetApp, and BEA would have crushed the company before it ever got off the ground.

The speed, features, eases of use, and low cost of cloud-based solutions and services are hard to ignore. If your organization does not have a Cloud Strategy it’s high time you should focus your attention to develop one.

Arista Networks Cloud Products Win Best of VMworld 2011 Award

Arista Networks, Inc. the leader in next-generation data center switching for cloud networking, has been recognized by VMworld and TechTarget’s as the Best of VMworld 2011 in the Hardware for Virtualization category.

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