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Summary of responses to Survey on Cloud Services by Exafort at DF12

More than 70% of the attendees that took the Exafort Cloud Survey said that their organization plans to expand the use of Cloud based services. Less than 25% of the respondents view Cloud services pose a greater security risk than traditional / on-premise services. 

The survey was conducted at the Exafort booth at Dreamforce 2012 which was taken by 288 attendees. The following slides summarize the responses we got:

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Don't be TOO late to the party on the cloud!

Haven’t switched to cloud yet? Well you are not alone, but the number of resisting diehard companies who don’t want to run their business apps in the cloud is dwindling. The 2012 Future of Cloud Survey was recently released as evidence that companies are slowly starting to migrate and feel more comfortable and secure switching to the cloud. The Survey which was sponsored by North Bridge Venture Partners came up with the following statistics:

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Micro-search by Mini-Gates

Nicholas Schiefer or might I call him, “Mini-Gates” was awarded the “Young Scientist Award” at the Intel Foundation just last week for an idea to developing the next Google for the social-media world.

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Definition of Cloud Computing - by National Institute of Standards and Technology

As someone once said, 'what's in a name...?'

While cloud computing is an evolving paradigm, its current function and form has a standard definition now.

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