Manage Authorized Contacts via NetSuite Account Center

In line with provisioning of Authorized Contacts, an account is entitled to have certain number of individuals that will serve as the authorized contacts for NetSuite Support.

Once you have identified who you would like to be your authorized contacts, follow the steps below to create the Authorized Contact records:

1. Log in to your NetSuite account.

2. Click the Support tab.

3. Under NetSuite Account Center portlet,  click the NetSuite Account Center link. If this link is not available, see Accessing the NetSuite Account Center.

4. Under Customer Center – Home Links portlet, click Authorized Contacts.

5. Click New Authorized Contact.

6. Fill-out the form and mark the Authorized checkbox to make the contact one of the authorized contacts for NetSuite Support. Limit for the number of authorized contacts can also be seen under Other Details.

Note: Please use the same email address you log in to your NetSuite account in your Authorized Contact record.

7. Click Save.

Follow the same steps above to remove authorization for contacts (except in Step 6 the Authorized checkbox should be unchecked).