IT Project Services

Customer Profile and Background

Hi-tech enterprise with 250 employees in multiple locations world-wide and experiencing rapid growth.

  • Limited IT budget
  • IT is not core to their business
  • for SFA and CRM
  • NetSuite for Orders, Fulfillment & Financial Accounting
  • LAMP stack applications for web site and internal tools

Business Challenges & Requirements

  • Need high SLA 24/7 IT infrastructure and services
  • Leverage Cloud based infrastructure and services
  • Low to no budget for CapEx
  • Looking for elastic pay as you go and pay only when used IT services
  • Highly skilled IT staff required to support internal applications and tools

Hybrid IT topology

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

  • Amazon EC2 - External web-site with load balancing, internal tools and applications
  • Oracle PLM (Agile) deployed on EC2
  • Backups on Amazon S3
  • Egnyte - Cloud based file system and shared drives
  • Cloud hosted VOIP for phone service

Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Google Apps for email service
  • for SFA and CRM
  • NetSuite for Orders, Fulfillment & Financial Accounting

Exafort Project Services

  • Google Apps,, NetSuite
  • LAMP Stack, Joomla, Java, Perl,, SQL, OpenSSO
  • Network administration and maintenance
  • VOIP service administration and support
  • IT applications dev and project management

Exafort Project Team

  • Sys Admins and Network Admins
  • IT Apps Business Analysts
  • IT Apps Tech. Leads
  • Web Developers
  • SFDC & Developers / Admins
  • Netsuite Developers / Admins
  • Blend of on-shore and off-shore resources

Benefits & Results

  • Very high SLA as nothing is ignored
  • Very low CapEx
  • Total annual corporate IT cost was less than $800K vs. $1.5M with traditional IT
  • Elastic IT team where expertise is used only when needed
  • Pay-per-use for any and all cloud / intellectual services
  • Highly satisfied employees, customers and partners


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